Need A/C? No ducts? No problem!

Early spring is the perfect time to schedule the installation of a new central air conditioning (A/C) system! If you have a boiler, you may be concerned about the added expense and inconvenience of installing duct-work throughout your home. But, you do have a cost-effective, efficient option: a ductless mini-split, which keeps your indoor climate consistently comfortable without “renovating” your home.

A ductless mini-split is an A/C system split into an outdoor compressor and an indoor wall-mounted unit. You can even create a multi-split with up to three additional indoor units. If you have multiple rooms you would like to cool separately, for example, you can mount one in your family room, another in the master bedroom, another in the sun room and a fourth in the dining room – all inconspicuously connected to a single outdoor compressor.

While the system is “split in two”, the benefits are doubled. In addition to cooling, a ductless mini-split can supplement your oil or propane heating system for energy savings. This option is particularly popular among homeowners who would like to use their sun rooms year-round.

Additional benefits:

  • Fast installation.
  • Quiet indoor operation.
  • Smaller size and sleek appearance.
  • Controlled with wireless handhelds.
  • Lower operational costs.
  • Less energy-loss than ducted forced-air central heating.
  • Efficient heating & cooling – Heat pumps “move” air with electricity, rather than “generate” heat.
  • Additional cost savings with rebates, including Mass Save (up to $750) and other

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