Why isn’t my air conditioner cooling my home?

It’s warm outside – finally! As much as you may have been yearning for this weather, however, it can bring some unexpected disappointments. Some customers will happily turn on their Central Air Conditioning for indoor comfort, only to find that it’s not doing its job. To avoid expensive cooling system repairs or total system failure, schedule an annual maintenance!

If you find yourself in an “uncool” predicament, before you reach for the phone, there are a few steps you can take first. Check the following:

  1. A dirty filter. They will hamper air flow and even shut your system down. Check your filter and change it if it is discolored. You could save 5-15%, according to the DOE.
  2. Thermostat settings. We know couples sometimes disagree on what the temperature should be, so maybe your partner, or your children or visitors even, changed the temperature setting?
  3. Thermostat batteries. Check your display. If nothing is visible, try replacing them and resetting the thermostat.

If the above measures do not correct the issue, you should contact us. Only well-trained technicians should diagnose issues and recommend repairs or replacement. If you need to replace your system, one of our Comfort Consultants can come to your home and provide a free customized estimate.


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