Why are ductless heat pump mini-splits becoming so popular?

In case you hadn’t heard, ductless heat pump mini-splits are quite the rage.  They are a cost-effective, efficient option perfect for keeping your indoor climate consistently comfortable without “renovating” your home. While the system is “split in two”, the benefits are doubled.

A ductless mini-split is an A/C system split into an outdoor compressor and an indoor wall-mounted unit. You can even create a multi-split with up to three additional indoor units, all connected to a single outdoor compressor.

Here are five good reasons to consider one for your living space:

Two for the price of one. A heat pump offers both heating and cooling in a single, compact home comfort system. And, they are quite affordable.

Sized to fit, with room to grow. A mini-split consists of up to four compact indoor units. You buy only as many as you need to keep the desired space comfortable.

Hole in one. Installation requires only a 3-inch hole through an outside wall, so less space is lost when compared to traditional ductwork.

Pretty, please. Quiet and inconspicuous, a ductless mini-split offers tremendous flexibility for locating indoor units and blending them within your rooms’ décor. Ideas and pictures for disguising your units can be found at houzz.com.

Want not, waste not. Heat pumps are highly efficient. With a remote and the ability to control zones in your home, less energy and money is wasted heating or cooling spaces you don’t use often.

Check out YouTube to see Shawn Kelley, owner of Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks, explain the benefits of ductless heat pump mini-splits.

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