Why Do I Need a Whole-House Humidifier?

As the weather gets colder, the air gets drier. This lack of moisture raises havoc on our comfort, health and homes! A whole-house humidifier delivers humidity to your entire home, automatically, without the mess and noise of a portable humidifier.  A whole-house humidifier will:

  • Lessen exposure to the flu, colds and respiratory ailments, which thrive in dry air.
  • Minimize asthma and allergy symptoms, and helps prevent dry noses, sore throats cracked and itchy skin, as well as static electricity.
  • Stop dry air damage to wood floors, plaster, furniture, artwork, electronics and instruments.
  • Feel warmer at colder temperatures.

For help purchasing a whole-home humidifier, call Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks at (978) 540-8676 .

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