Preventing Ice Dams from Damaging your Home

In New England, the frigid weather, rapid winds and heavy snowfall make the perfect concoction for those frustrating ice dams.

While icicles may bring a bit of curb appeal and uniqueness to your property, they are extremely damaging. Icicles block water on the roof from dripping and they cause significant damage to the shingles. Large cracks can accrue and manifest into an interior water leak. In severe cases, homeowners may find themselves needing their electrical system redone which can be very costly.

Prior to the beginning of winter, it’s important to get your roof checked and see if there are any leaks. Additionally, try to get more insulation in the attic and acquire roof venting. Metal edging along the eve of the roof will help to push snow off the home, but this certainly will not treat the problem. The best way to prevent ice dams is to make sure your home does not have air leaks and that you have the proper insulation.

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