How Long Should My Air Conditioning System Run?

In the warm, summer months your central AC system is running constantly. Since it’s much warmer outside, it’s perfectly normal for a central air conditioner to run without cycling on and off.

It’s not particularly negative for an AC unit to run with fewer cycles. There are actually a few benefits to having an air conditioner running longer, such as dehumidifying your home more and a decreased wear and tear on the system.

In the summer, a properly sized central air conditioning unit should run continuously to maintain the correct temperature throughout the home. However, if your AC unit is too small, your system will be running all the time but will not consistently cool the home. In fact, the air conditioner could potentially shut down due to the constant wear and tear.  If the outdoor unit is too large, your home will cool quickly, but you will experience a clammy feeling.  Proper air conditioning sizing is crucial for maximum comfort.

Homeowners often turn their air conditioner off when leaving the home, coming back to a house that is much too hot. This means that once you turn the AC back on, all savings are negated and you may see a strain on your HVAC system.

Rule of thumb: A set point of 3-5 degrees above average is perfect for when leaving the house.

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