Using Your HVAC System to Alleviate Spring Allergies

Seasonal allergies are often triggered due to the increased level of pollen and spores during the spring and summer months. For those suffering from allergies, it can be quite challenging to go outside and explore the outdoors. In fact, the summer time can be a breeding ground for mold. That being said, keeping indoor air temperatures cooler can help to reduce humidity levels and allergens.

AC units increase circulation in homes and buildings while also maintaining a comfortable temperature. By doing this, windows are kept shut which keeps pollen and spores from creeping into the home. Since air conditioners reduce humidity, mildew and dust mites rarely form (and neither do allergies).

HVAC units should be maintained on a regular basis to keep clean air circulating. Small-particle filters in HVAC systems should be cleaned at least once per month. Over the last 150 years, there have been major advancements with HVAC technology. Whether you have seasonal allergies or are just allergic to dust in the home, having a properly maintained HVAC system will greatly relieve your allergies.

Some of the Major Causes of Allergies Include:

  • Mold
  • Dust mites
  • Cat dander
  • Dog dander
  • Cockroach debris

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