Managing Your Home’s Humidity

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Regardless of the climate your home is in, humidity levels will always influence the comfort of your home. When it comes to altering your home’s heating and cooling preferences, managing the humidity level should take precedence.

Understanding Indoor Humidity

Maintaining the correct level of moisture in your home ensures that your HVAC system is efficiently working. Essentially, with the right levels of humidity in the home, you can cool down in the summer and keep warm in the winter. Your home can actually be damaged if the humidity levels are not maintained. One of the main functionalities of your AC unit is to eliminate unneeded moisture in the home. In some instances, your air conditioner may not fully remove excess moisture so you could need additional equipment.

Humidity Levels at Different Climates

Seasonal humidity has a major effect on home comfort so you must manage this every season. For those of us in Massachusetts, we are all accustomed to fighting off the frigid cold in the winter. Adding moisture to the air is critical because cold air is unable to attain moisture naturally and is generally very dry. A humidifier works greatly during the winter as it increases humidity levels by 30-40%.

In the summer, we now need to focus on removing moisture from the air. A dehumidifier makes a world of difference, reducing the humidity by 60%. Not to mention, if the humidity is too severe there can be a hefty amount of mold and bacterial growth.

Other Factors to Consider

Climate change isn’t the only factor to consider when it comes to your home’s humidity. Steam from cooking and showering can make an impact. You can remove moisture by using vents and fans. Additionally, keep heating units around 68 degrees during the winter to keep your home comfortable.

If you have questions regarding your home’s humidity levels, contact Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks. We can provide you with products and insight on how to maintain humidity levels in your home.

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