Tips to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System

Due to recent advancements in technology, HVAC systems are now lasting much longer. However, homeowners should still have regular maintenance to ensure the HVAC unit is working at maximum capacity.

Replace the Air Filter

One of the most effective methods of keeping your system from breaking down is to change out air filters. Switching out the air filter is actually a fast and simple task. If not cleaned, the filter area can trap air pollutants which can hurt your HVAC system.

Keep Ductwork Clean

By dusting the air vents on a consistent basis, debris will not enter the ductwork or affect the HVAC unit’s components. When dust accrues on the fan blades, the system can become increasingly noisy and the efficiency can be jeopardized, leading to costly repairs. That being said, it’s crucial to have the ductwork cleaned regularly.

Check for Blockage of Condensate Drains

Light condensation is normal but if the drain tubing is blocked, water can backup and cause damage. By having an inspection every few months, the issue will become visible.

Keep Supply Registers Open & Return Registers Unblocked

HVAC systems need enough airflow to run effectively. Mold can form in certain areas of the ductwork if a portion of the system is blocked.

Switch Out the Humidifier Water Panel

You’ll need to replace your HVAC’s water panel twice a year if you have a humidifier with your system. Both the cover and enclosure should be removed and then a new panel can be inserted. Install the enclosure and replace the cover.

As we delve into the summer months, you won’t want issues arising when family and friends are over for BBQs and holidays. The professionals at Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks will inspect your home for problems and offer recommendations. Consider central heating and air conditioning when searching for HVAC services in MA. Contact Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks at (978) 540-8676 .

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