How do I change my air filter?

Whether you are a new or first-time homeowner, recently installed a new system or are responsible for your system for the very first time, a dirty filter will shut your heater down! Set a reminder for yourself, maybe when you do your bills, to check & change your filters, which should be checked every 1-3 months for most models. Here’s a little refresher on changing your filter:

First, select a filter model. There is a wide range of filters available to homeowners, varying in size, price and efficiency. Take note of the size filter your system requires and determine the level of efficiency you desire. Options include:

  • A basic, inexpensive, disposable, fiberglass filter in a cardboard frame. 1” filters need to be checked and often changed monthly.
  • A disposable, pleated, paper filter designed to remove smaller particles of dust, dirt and pollen. They need to be checked and often changed every 3-4 months, sometimes 6 months.
  • A more expensive, reusable, electrostatic filter designed to trap smoke and remove smaller airborne particles. They can be rinsed as needed and last several years.
  • Some filters are ideal for allergy sufferers. Filters that are HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) rated trap microorganisms like bacteria, mildew, fungus, mold, yeast and algae.

Second, stock up on filters. You can order through us, but we recommend you visit for filters mailed directly to you, with FREE shipping. Enter C47Y as the “Re-Order Code” and click “Find My Filter”. You’ll be able to enter your filter code or search by size or brand.

Finally, inspect and change your filter if necessary. Consult your manual for instructions, but the basic steps include – turning the furnace off, locating and removing the service panel, sliding out the existing filter, sliding in a new filter, replacing the service panel and turning the system back on.

Also, click here to see a demonstration on YouTube.


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