What’s New in High-Tech for the Home?

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We all have heard of Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s smart home systems that work to control your lights, heat, air conditioning, fan, and TV.  But there are many more “smart” devices for your home, brought to you by the ever-changing technology landscape.

Here are just some of the gadgets you can purchase to make life easier, safer, and well, more fun!

Smart Doorbell

The SkyBell doorbell features include a few seconds of video before the motion is detected, so it is more likely to capture a usable image. In fact, footage is clear enough to see people’s faces and the spotlight illuminates whoever comes to the door at night. It works with most of the smart home systems on the market.

Smart Plug

You can turn any device into a smart device by controlling the power going to the TP-Link plug from your smart phone, wherever you are. You can program a schedule to turn the plug on and off and with the “away” mode, you can turn on devices to make it look like you are home.

Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock Pro is easy to install and lets you know if your door is ajar. It links with other smart home devices, including the company’s DoorBell Cam.

Smart Smoke and CO Detector

The Nest Protect product detects smoke and carbon monoxide, but its sensors are designed to pick up both slow- and fast-burning fires. It will tell you in which room the fire is located and can be linked to other smart home devices so that it can automatically turn on lights in an emergency.

Smart Garage Door Opener

Instead of groping for the garage door opener’s remote, you can open and close your garage door with the screen on your electronic device.  You will soon be able to add geofencing capability, so it can sense when you are near your driveway to automatically open and, when your car is safely inside the garage, close the garage door.

Smart Water Sensor

Honeywell’s Lyric Leak Detector lays by your water heater, washing machine, or under the kitchen sink and works using Wi-Fi to send push notifications to your phone when there is a water problem in the home.

Smart Home Shades

Lutron’s Serena Shades can be scheduled and controlled remotely via an app or use Siri to open or close them.  Not inexpensive, but convenient.

There are many more products you can buy now and more on the horizon.  Keep in mind, however, that in most cases, you’ll be paying a premium for these new and exciting products.  Check them out on the Internet.  Just search for “What’s new in technology for the home!”

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