Dolphin Insulation, a Local Company You Should Know

Dolphin Insulation, Littleton MA

At Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks, we take pride in developing relationships with local businesses that can help our customers with various services around the home.  One such company is Dolphin Insulation in Littleton. Owners Chris, Tiffany, and Amanda Alphen work hard to be the best company they can be and to keep growing.  Their attention to detail and customer service are top-notch and you can depend on them to be knowledgeable and responsive.

Kerry Kelley says, “We are proud to know that when we refer our customers to Dolphin Insulation they will be treated in the same friendly and helpful manner that we treat them.”

People always ask about the company name – “Why Dolphin Insulation?” According to Tiffany, dolphins are highly intelligent mammals who love people and aim to please.  Tiffany says, “We are a lot like that … and know that we’ll jump through hoops for you!”

Dolphin Insulation has a wealth of informative articles on their website blog, but one really caught our attention.  At Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks, we are always looking for ways in which our customers can save energy and, thereby save money.  Here’s one place that is easy to overlook.

The Hidden Energy Stealer

Moisture in the basement occurs when basements are not properly sealed off from the outside air and leakage of air causes moisture from outside to enter the home. The wet air works its way up into the living spaces. This makes it harder to heat the home in the winter or cool it in the summer and we waste energy trying to control damp air. By sealing the problem spots in the basement and adding insulation, you can reduce the unwanted moisture in your home. Basements need proper insulation and the right amount of ventilation.

What if you already have insulation in the basement? If you have insulation, but still have moisture in the basement, then your insulation may be failing. When moisture takes over the basement air, it also seeps into the insulation. This can even cause the insulation to be moldy. It’s important to check the insulation to be sure it is doing the job it is supposed to do. If not, you’ll want to replace it.

A call to Dolphin Insulation may be in order.  Call 978-266-1122 for advice and to set up an appointment. Chris, Tiffany, and Amanda will be happy to help!

Amanda Alphen said, “We have a lot in common with Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks.  We both have women owners and we are both family-owned. We are small businesses that have grown by leaps and bounds … and we are constantly striving to serve our customers in the best way possible. Thank you, Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks for sharing our story and our business philosophy.”

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