Residential Heating and AC


Prepare now for the unexpected …

Just one storm left over 100,000 homes without power…

And, while the power is out your refrigerator, freezer, AC, furnace, security system and a whole slew of other essential items in your home will be out of commission.

Consider installing a whole-house generator for your home to prevent power loss
in an emergency.

A whole-house generator automatically powers your heat, sump pump and major appliances like your fridge and oven within 10 seconds of a power outage.

AND … it will help you avoid summer brown-outs that can leave you without air conditioning and damage electrical components in appliances!

At Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks, our whole-house generator installations will meet all manufacturer and local codes and will include:

  • Filing permits and facilitating the completion of required inspections.
  • A pre-cast concrete pad, supported by compacted gravel for stability.
  • Three stainless steel bolts to securely attach the generator to the pad.
  • Our licensed technicians will connect natural gas or propane lines.
  • Our licensed electricians will run new voltage cables.
  • A transfer switch to automatically send power to the house when the generator kicks on.
  • Warrantied installation & service (only certified Generac & Kohler contractors are authorized to offer a warranty).
  • A diagnostic signal will be set to contact the homeowner and Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks if a problem is detected.

Generator Maintenance

Manufacturers require maintenance to keep generators operating at peak performance for every 100 hours of operation or, at a minimum, once a year.

Keeping your generator properly maintained will help ensure that your system is ready to go when it is called into service. It will also help increase system efficiency, reduce breakdowns and promote longer system life.

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