Air Conditioner TuneUps - Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks

Your A/C system has been inactive for months. You want to be sure it is in top condition when you need to run it, maybe for hours or days at a time when the unexpected high temps arrive this month. (They always do, you know.)

  1. Regular maintenance is less costly than a repair. Your a/c may not break down if you skip a tune up, but, if it does (and in the middle of a heat wave), it will almost always cost more to repair especially if you need “emergency” service. It is important to note that almost 50% of cooling problems can be prevented by annual maintenance. During a tune up, your technician can detect small problems and fix them before they become major issues.
  2. Neglecting regular maintenance can void your warranty. New air conditioners come with a limited warranty from the manufacturer and most require that you keep your A/C maintained. Manufacturers may not provide replacement parts unless your air conditioner was regularly maintained by a HVAC professional.
  3. Your well-maintained air conditioner has a longer lifetime than one that has not been maintained. Regular maintenance and fewer repairs prolong your A/C’s lifespan. Without proper maintenance the system will have a shorter lifespan. It’s as simple as that.
  4. A tune up increases efficiency and decreases cooling costs. Do the math. Every year you skip an annual tune up, your air conditioner’s operating efficiency can decrease by 5 percent. Over time, dust and debris collect on the coils. Outdoor condenser coils can trap dirt, grass trimmings, and leaves, which impedes airflow and blocks heat transfer. The condensate drain needs to be checked for clogs which can hinder the system’s ability to control humidity. It can even cause water damage in the home. Motor parts need lubrication, so friction doesn’t reduce operating efficiency. Blower components need to be cleaned and adjusted. Standard tune up procedures can increase operating efficiency and save you up to 15% in the cost of energy.
  5. The EPA, EnergyStar and the USDE recommend regular maintenance. Annual A/C tune ups increase efficiency and use less energy. Scheduling your annual tune up is environmentally responsible.

Call early in the spring for flexible scheduling and faster service. Summer is the busiest time for A/C tune ups because many people don’t call until there is a problem. Call early in the spring and you’ll get an appointment sooner at a time that is convenient for you.