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If you are one of our fortunate customers to have a ski home up north or a winter home down south, we have some products you should consider and things you can do to protect your home and promote peace-of-mind.

Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks - Snow BirdsFoil Would-be Thieves
If you have a landline turn off the ringer so would-be thieves won’t hear the phone ringing without anyone picking up. If you have an answering machine, don’t change it to an away message. Leave your regular message and retrieve new messages remotely.

Wi-Fi Thermostats
Monitor and adjust your home temperature from anywhere … using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. We suggest a Lyric from Honeywell or a Nest Thermostat. These digital, WiFi enabled Smart Thermostats allow you to change the programmed settings while on vacation or in your “other” home … and they also save energy and may be eligible for energy rebates from your local utility company.

Floor and Ceiling Protection
E-Z Trap – Reduce your fears of ceiling damage from an overflowing air handler or furnace. Nashoba Air offers two lines of defense – First is an E-Z Trap in-line float switch that detects blocked condensate drain and trap. Second is an overflow sensor on the pan that will shut the system down in case of an emergency.

Pressure Pal Hydronic Axiom Feeder for Boilers
Prevent major floods! In the event of a system rupture, only the contents of the tank will be pumped into the system. This will also provide leak detection by dropping the fluid levels, giving you an immediate notice that the system has developed a leak.

Lyric Flood Protection from Honeywell
Get notified on your smartphone or tablet as soon as a leak occurs around the water heater, hot water boiler, or washing machine.

Pipe Freeze-Up Protection
A good preventative is to add glycol to your hot water heating system to avoid pipe freeze-ups.

Whole Home Generator
Keep your power on, even when the power is out! In just ten seconds, a Kohler generator can automatically power your HVAC, sump pump, and major appliances – all at the same time. A whole-home generator helps to control things inside your home, even when you aren’t there.

Protect Your Appliances
Be sure to empty your dishwasher and leave the door open to prevent mold and foul odors. Open the washing machine lid or door for the same reason.

Prevent Flooding
If you are going to be away for an extended time, shut off the water in your home and open any drains to let water flow out. Keep the under-sink cabinet doors open to prevent pipes from freezing. Talk to your HVAC professional about draining the hot water heater and shutting off the pilot light, if applicable.

Prevent Loss of Heat
Don’t forget to shut the fireplace flue completely to prevent heat loss up the chimney … and to prevent critters from coming down the chimney into your home!

Take the worry out of being away from home when things you can’t control, like the weather, can cause stresses and the types of problems that being a Snow Bird can bring. 


Call a Comfort Specialist at Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks today at 978-486-0600 and go away with confidence.