Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks - VRF HVAC system Invented in the 1980s, VRF stands for Variable Refrigerant Flow … a technology that represents a transformation in the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry.

Like ductless mini-splits, VRFs use refrigerant as the cooling and heating medium. The refrigerant is conditioned by an outdoor condensing unit and is circulated within the home or commercial building to multiple indoor units.

A VRF HVAC system provides individual temperature control in separate comfort zones through multiple evaporator coils. VRFs are large-scale ductless HVAC systems that can perform at high capacity. The technology provides the ability for multiple indoor units or zones to operate on the same system. The VRF can be either a heat pump system or a heat recovery system, which provides simultaneous heating and cooling. This versatility allows systems to be customized to meet the specific demands of virtually any project.

VRF equipment can be scaled to meet the climate control needs of a small single-family residence or a commercial high-rise building.

VRF systems are extremely quiet and are compact compared to other HVAC equipment. VRF systems are ideal in areas with limited space. The equipment weighs much less than ducted equipment, making the systems easy to install.

An added bonus is the energy savings of up to 30% to 40%.

A VRF system can simultaneously heat and cool the different zones within a building. It absorbs residual heat when cooling one zone and redirects it to another zone, resulting in less energy waste and more efficiency. Instead of cycling on and off, VRF systems have a variable-speed compressor that operates continuously and at varying speeds to match demand.

Requiring no ductwork, VRF systems are an ideal choice for homes and buildings that do not have ducts. VRFs can be retrofitted to the HVAC system in place.

If you want to know more about VRF heating and cooling, talk to one of the comfort specialists at Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks. We’ll help you find the best energy-efficient solution for you.