November is Safety Month at Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks and this month’s newsletter focuses on Home Safety. Shawn Kelley, President of Nashoba Air has created videos that can help you avoid problems in your home. Check them out using the links below!

Changing CO Batteries

What is the typical longevity of a home CO detector? 3 years? 5 years?

Shawn tells you in this safety video and gives you more tips on avoiding problems with deadly carbon monoxide.

CO Detector Safety Part Two

Can you name three features of the NEST CO Detector that makes this product one of Nashoba Air’s favorites?

Water Heater Check-up

There are three places where your water heater may leak … Do you know where they are located?

Shawn tells you where to look and what to do if you find a leak. 

Plan a Family Meeting Spot in Case of Fire

Where will your family go to meet up if a fire breaks out in your home or you smell gas?

 Be sure to watch Shawn explain the importance of having a plan that includes the whole family, even the dog!

Garage Heater Maintenance

Are you lucky enough to have a garage heater to keep your garage toasty warm in the winter? If so, then you’ll want to know what can happen if you leave your garage door open in the summer. Watch Shawn as he explains what you need to do BEFORE you fire up the heater!

Natural Gas Safety

What is the Number One thing you should you do if you enter your home and smell gas? If there is an emergency in your neighborhood, do you know where the main gas valve is located on your gas meter? In this video, Shawn explains what to do if this happens to you.