Groton MA

Groton Grange is an older style farm house that had a gravity-feed asbestos-covered “octopus” warm air furnace.  To replace the heating structure, Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks first had to design two new gas-fired, warm air furnace systems that would enable us to use the existing ductwork, as well as the vintage cast-iron supply and return grills.

One of our goals was to maintain the existing structure and appeal of this old building.  Another was to increase heating efficiency that would result in lower heating costs.

We recommended an asbestos abatement company that removed all the contaminated ductwork and the furnace.  Nashoba Air installed two high-efficient gas-fired furnaces with air conditioning coils for future use.  The historical environment of the Groton Grange was not affected and our client received the benefits of a safe and high-efficient system that will deliver comfort along with lower utility bills for years to come.

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