Duct Cleaning & Sealing

Hidden in your ducts may be the reason your comfort system isn’t working as it should.  Collecting dust, dirt, and pollen over the years, your ductwork contains contaminants that not only affect the air quality of your home, but contribute to a less-than-optimal operation of your heating and cooling systems.

Photographic Inspections – Just because someone says there’s buildup in your duct work, that doesn’t mean it’s there. Our video and still cameras go deep into your system to inspect areas you can’t readily see, providing photographic proof of debris that needs to be removed. You get an inside view of your ducts and system so you can make an informed decision about cleaning.  Ductwork inspections also can reveal degraded fiberglass-lined ducts and improperly sealed duct connections.  Finding problems early can save you money and keep your home environment healthier.

To learn more about the importance of duct cleaning, watch this short, informative video.

At Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks, we say, “Clean it.  Seal it.  Breathe it.”

Clean it.  Duct cleaning can remove up to 99% of air contaminants and can dramatically improve a more comfortable interior environment, save energy and lengthen the life of your system.  At Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks in addition to our system ductwork cleaning, we offer bathroom exhaust duct cleaning; dryer vent cleaning; filter servicing; and HVAC and ductwork deodorizing.

Seal it.  In the average home, a ducted comfort system leaks 30% to 40% of air flow before it ever hits a register. This energy is lost in the basement, between the indoor and outside walls of your house and even in the attic. Using Aeroseal™  technology, Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks can reduce your leakage rate by as much as 95%. Your energy bills will be lower, fewer contaminants will be sucked into your duct work, your equipment will last longer, and ice dams will be less likely to form in the winter.

Breathe it.  With Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks you’ll have the cleanest and healthiest indoor air possible.

My wife and I had Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks complete a big HVAC project at our home that we recently purchased. They came in and removed all the fifty year old ductwork and installed all new ductwork and new high efficiency furnace and AC. It was a big project and they completed the work in a timely, about a week, and professional manner. Tom was able to assist us with the Mass Save financing and the installers were able to educate us on how all the new equipment works. We are happy we decided to have Nashoba Air perform the work and highly recommend for any HVAC work.

Thomas P.

Barry E.

“I have consistently found the folks that Nashoba sends to my home to be professional and meticulous about their work. I have complete confidence in the company.

– Barry E.

Chris C.

Shawn and his team are responsive, knowledgeable, and someone I have recommended to my clients and will continue to do so!

– Chris C.

Connie L.

“Leo from Nashoba Air saved my life this morning. He came to do the yearly maintenance and found the vent from the hot water heater as not connected to the vent pipe letting carbon dioxide into the furnace room. He put screws into the pipe so it would not disconnect again.

So along with doing a great job with the maintenance he really did save my life.”

– Connie L.

Kathy A.

Andrew was not only a gentleman, but a very kind person. He was very knowledgeable and skilled in the work that needed repair on two of my toilets. I am very happy with him and Nashoba Air & Boiler Works.

– Kathy A.

Kristen M.

We were blown away by the service and how quickly Nashoba Air responded. The technician would even let us know prior if he’d be late. Who does that ? My house is nice and cool this summer and we look forward to many more! Thank you Nashoba Air!”

– Kristin M.

Marie H.

The service was fantastic. I found Brian to be very professional and knowledgeable. He resolved the problem and communicated the cause and resulting solution very clearly. The price of the service was much less than other providers. I have complete confidence in the company.”

– Marie H.

Richard S.

Very happy with their service. The tech, Jay, arrived on time, was very friendly, and carefully explained everything he was doing for our annual maintenance.

– Richard S.

Robert J.

They completed an entire conversion from steam heat to forced hot air in the matter of 3 days. They took out the old radiators too. Follow their advice when it comes to everything technical and you’ll be really happy with the result. If you need your heat replaced in the winter, they do provide electric space heaters.

– Robert J.

Rosa D.

Brian was polite professional and friendly. He was quick efficient and did a great job servicing our boiler! Thanks for getting our farmhouse ready for winter. And perfect timing.

– Rosa D.

Testimonial – Concord MA

“We were extremely pleased with the job. Nashoba Air did nothing short of a first class installation. I was completely blown away with the quality of their work. I would highly recommend this company.”

– David F.