Why Should I Purchase a Permanent, Whole-Home Generator?

The Farmers’ Almanac is predicting another “snowy and bitter cold” winter, with a long stretch of storms that could last through March 2016. It’s not too early to consider purchasing a reliable backup power system. A permanent whole-home generator ensures continuous power for days or longer during these common, sometimes prolonged, New England power outages.

During a harsh snow storm, reliable, permanent standby generators, such as those offered by Kohler, will kick in automatically just seconds after power is lost and ensure that you’ll continue to:

  • Run hot showers because the pipes won’t freeze.
  • Turn on the lights. You’re less likely to need candles or flashlights. No more forgetting to check those batteries!
  • Remain comfortable without adding excessive layers.
  • Keep food cold in your refrigerator. No wasted food!
  • Cook nice warm meals using your stove and microwave.
  • Protect your home with your security system.
  • Enjoy your favorite movies or TV programs while following weather-related news and alerts.

Your best bet is a Kohler Generator because they:

  • Come in multiple sizes to fit your home or business’ power needs
  • Produce clean power with less than 3% harmonics. Other brands produce up to 12%, risking damage to expensive high-end electronics.
  • Come with a generous parts and labor warranty.
  • Are easy to maintain. Like a car’s oil change.
  • They are only installed and serviced by qualified, trained technicians.

For additional information about whole-home generators and to purchase a Kohler generator, please call us at (978) 540-8676 .

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