What’s IN in BATHROOM design?

Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks - BathroomsIf you are thinking of renovating your bathroom sometime soon – and many people are; after all, we spend the first and last moments of each day in the bathroom – then you will be interested to learn what’s HOT and what’s NOT as far as trends in bathroom design is concerned.  Check these décor suggestions from some of the most popular decorating resources:

Showers and Tubs
French shower doors are chic and create a major decorating statement in a simple space.

Ever used an outdoor shower?  If so, you know how relaxing it can be to wash in a room without a ceiling.  A shower without borders, otherwise known as a wet room, has every surface covered with tile – walls, floor and ceiling.  The entire room is devoted to your shower session.  Just be sure to wipe up the puddles afterward.

Free-Standing Tubs are IN this year. Whether you choose a vintage claw-foot or a modern soaking tub, freestanding tubs are going can be a gorgeous focal point in your bathroom, if you have the space to spare.

Use a pop of color when selecting bathroom tiles.  Keep the rest of the space relatively neutral to let this color tile be your focal point.

Black and White Retro tile is back in style in a big way.  For mostly neutral designs, the black and white adds a flash of color that doesn’t overwhelm.

Classic White Subway tile, like denim jeans, never go out of style and can be paired with most any décor.  You can use subway tile as the starting point for a casual industrial style or it can be dressed up with traditional furniture and fixtures for a timeless look.

Fish Scale tiles are a fun variation on the popular subway tiles and instill a fresh, feminine vibe.  Go with pastel blue tiles with gold cabinetry for a glam look or a more modern with a mix of green tiles in a luxurious marble shower.

Patterned tiles with swirly Mediterranean motifs are destined to be on the rise this year.  Choose intricate, Moroccan-inspired designs or modern geometric shapes that all have a rustic charm.

A round shaped mirror instantly creates a trendy statement, especially when hanging over a rectangular vanity and sink.

Hang a round mirror that is as oversized as you can fit on your wall. It can be rustic or glam depending on whether you frame it or leave it au naturel.

Very IN right now is adding a rustic or industrial touch to the bathroom which can be achieved with a vanity that creates a timeless vibe.

Dedicated Vanities give your bathroom even more of a 2017 feel.  A stool and mini table can serve to make your bathroom extra luxurious and give your morning make up session its own special space.

Mediterranean-Inspired Design
Spain, Morocco, and Portugal have inspired the Glitz meets Old-World style of elegance and charm of hand-painted terra cotta tiles combined with modern metallics.

Earthy colors are in and in 2017, sea foam green is HOT.  Paired with marble countertops and a colorful rug, sea foam tile is stunning.

Dark and Moody Walls can be awesome, even in a small bathroom.  Paint the cabinets to match and contract with natural textures, like a jute rug and wood-framed mirror.

Practical storage never goes out of style.  Use vertical space and take your cabinetry up the wall. If built-in cabinetry isn’t an option, incorporate an interesting or antique piece of furniture.  Open shelving is still a popular trend that can also be quite practical in the bathroom.

Cabinets with simple knobs and handles ensure that your bathroom space doesn’t feel too crowded, no matter what the actual square footage may be.
Get creative with storage options.  A lidded basket for laundry or honeycomb wall shelves for notions and lotions are the rage.

Bright and colorful cabinets is the trend for bathrooms today. Navy blue and pure black are go-to shades — the bold tones look stunning with gold fittings and clean white countertops.

No-threshold showers along with comfort-height toilets, vanities and side-mount faucets are gaining in popularity for very practical reasons.  Curbless showers are easier to clean, they make your bathroom look bigger, and they help older homeowners to age in place.  Ease of accessibility or being ADA-compliant can increase a home’s resale value because you’re offering potential buyers more options, plus the design aesthetic is fashionable.

You might not think of placing a chair or ottoman in your bathroom, but if you have space, a piece of statement furniture can add a cozy and comfortable spot for relaxing or painting your toenails.

Wall-Mounted Faucets in a small bathroom are space-saving and look especially stylish in weathered brass and black finishes against white tile or bold colored walls.

Give your bathroom a lighting makeover with an unusual fixture, like a chandelier or colorful pendant light.  A fun light fixture adds major personality to your space.

Brass and gold will still play a leading role in bathrooms, but darker tones and silver metals will be trending this year too. Everything from matte black to pewter looks stunning paired with pastel walls, modern cabinetry and vintage accents.

Unusual Throw Rugs
Buh-bye, ugly old bath mat — real throw rugs are taking over the bathroom in a definite upgrade from the usual fluffy versions.

Wall Art
Quirky Wall Art is experiencing a resurgence in the bathroom.  Think bold wallpaper print or a gallery wall of modern art to turn the bathroom into a mini-museum of art!

… and here are TWO NOT TO DO:

Definitely OUT this year are the ALL-WHITE BATHROOM, which has been deemed boring and COTTAGE-STYLE DÉCOR – the down-to-Earth style that has been the rage for several years.  If you already have an all-white bathroom, a few of the ideas above can turn it into a more fashionable space without a major facelift.  Save one of your classic furniture pieces from your cottage bathroom and bring your bathroom up-to—date with color or another of the trends suggested by our experts.

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