When Should I Call a Professional to Service My Air Conditioner?

It may seem obvious – when your air conditioning system isn’t cooling, you call a professional – Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks. But the thought of costly repairs lead some to second guess themselves in the hopes the problem will fix itself. Or, they convince themselves that they are over-reacting and avoid calling when they should. So when should you call for a professional diagnostic?  Have you noticed…

System is blowing “warm” air. Try lowering the temperature setting by a several degrees. If adjusting your thermostat doesn’t do the trick, chances are your compressor, evaporator coils or refrigerant levels may be to blame. Avoid health or safety issues, or system shut down, by calling a professional to properly diagnose and recommend repairs.

Puddling around indoor unit. A little bit of condensation on the pipes is normal. But, if you notice substantial dripping and unusual moisture build up on the floor around your indoor unit, you may have a water leak, often caused by a blockage, or a dangerous refrigerant leak, which poses health hazards. Don’t risk waiting it out, call a professional.

Loud banging or unusual sounds. There are so many possible causes that it is difficult to pinpoint and properly repair puzzling noises coming from your HVAC without a thorough inspection by a set of trained eyes. A whacking or buzzing sound may be a loose fan blade, broken fan shaft, bent screen or an obstruction.  Squealing or grating sounds may indicate that metal components of your system may need to be adjusted or lubricated. Grinding sounds may occur due to broken motor bearings.

System turns off and on. Your system’s condenser or coils may be dirty. Sometimes a thorough maintenance can correct the issue. However, it will take a professional to determine if it might be something more serious.

As always, annual maintenance can help prevent premature and expensive system repairs! Call us at (978) 540-8676 or visit our website at www.nashobaair.com for more information


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