Why do I need a surge protector for my furnace and air conditioning systems?

Your heating and air conditioning systems are major investments in your home comfort– expensive to repair, and especially — dare we say it – replace. Just as you insure your home, car and tv, you should also protect your heating and air conditioning equipment from uncontrollable forces.

Undetectable power surges are common in a typical home, due in part to all the appliances and electronics running, often simultaneously.  Even minor power surges gradually damage our comfort systems.  Though less common, a lightning striking even a half a mile from your home, can damage your systems.  Interrupting your comfort and even draining your bank account.

Surge protectors are your first line of defense. Relatively inexpensive, they safely divert voltage spikes to the ground.  A surge protector for your heating and cooling system cannot simply be purchased over the counter at a big box store.  It needs to be installed by an experienced HVAC technician or licenses electrician.

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