How Do I Convert from Oil Heat to Gas Heat?

According to a recent study, last winter heating a house with oil cost about $1,700 while natural gas averaged less than $900.  The year prior to this, oil prices peaked at nearly $2,000 and natural gas remained at $900. It may be time you say goodbye to an oil-burning system and invest in natural gas.

Natural gas gets pumped into your home by a utility company while oil gets delivered in a truck. This means that switching requires a gas main under the street. Fortunately, most neighborhoods in the Northeast have gas lines. If not, the local utility will most likely install a gas main.

Particularly in the northern states, the frigid temperatures in the winter can make heating costs unreasonable. If you are currently using oil heat and are switching to natural gas, the cost of a forced hot air system could be between $4,500-$7,000. However, you’re paying for reliable equipment and a reliable source of fuel. On average, natural gas is significantly less expensive than electricity, oil and propane.

One of the major benefits is natural gas generates less solid waste than other energy sources. It’s also extremely convenient and increases the resale value of your home.

If you are need of gas heat in Groton MA or the surrounding towns, contact Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks at (978) 540-8676 .   We will conduct an evaluation and partner with the local gas provider for scheduling the gas hook-up.  It’s very seamless; however, the process may take over a month depending on the gas company’s schedule – so start planning today!

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