Types of Thermostats on the Market

As technology advances, new thermostats are constantly hitting the market, from Wi-Fi Thermostats to Touch Screen Thermostats. Of course, there are always the standard products which are just as reliable and easy to use.

What Exactly is a Thermostat?

A thermostat is a device that is sensitive to temperature in order to regulate it and acts as a switch to maintain the desired temperature.

Basic Thermostats

Line Voltage Thermostats are used with single heating systems but they turn off before the set temperature has been reached in the room.

Low Voltage Thermostats are compatible with electric unitary systems and in water heating. They are compatible with heating systems that use oil and gas.

Other Common Thermostats

Programmable Thermostats allow you to set the desired temperature while also having the ability to set temperature for various times of the day. These are beneficial for us in Massachusetts who are constantly experiencing shifts in temperature changes.

Non-Programmable Thermostats don’t offer many options as you have to keep adjusting the device every time you’d like a temperature adjustment.

Mechanical Thermostats are a relatively cheaper option but they are slow in response to temperature variations. These devices work with bi-metallic heat sensitive strips that are filled with vapor which are sensitive to fluctuations in temperature.

Electronic Thermostats are composed of electronic circuits that check temperatures and turn off the thermostat. Since these work off an electronic process, they are a bit more reliable and change temperatures quickly.

New Thermostat Innovations

Wi-Fi Thermostats connect to a wireless network and can be controlled by this. The thermostat can be adjusted remotely which is ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

Touch Screen Thermostats have a sensitive display just like smartphones, making them simple to use. Settings can be adjusted with touching options that are visible on the screen. These sometimes require a few sequences of touching prior to receiving a particular setting set.

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