How long will my heater and air conditioner last? What can I do to prolong their lives?

Ever wonder why some homeowners’ heating and cooling systems last more than 20 years and others fail much sooner or seem to experience repeated issues after just a few years? How long will your systems last? Take a deep breath and count to three:

  • Does a service expert perform annual maintenance on your HVAC equipment?
  • Do you check, and if needed, change the air filters monthly?
  • Do you check for and remove debris from the outside vents before it builds up and clogs your internal system?

Your system’s fountain of youth relies heavily on annual maintenance, regular filter changes and pipe inspections. Just like you, your heater and air conditioner require regular checkups and after care to work their best. An annual fee may be far less expensive than unexpected and costly repairs. And, you’ll enjoy lower utility costs, fresher air and greater comfort to boot.

So stock up on filters, clear your vents and call the HVAC technicians at Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks at (978) 540-8676 for your annual maintenance check.  We have extensive experience installing and replacing HVAC systems in Massachusetts. Give us a call today.

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