Programming your Thermostat for Maximum Comfort and Savings

Maximize your home comfort and save energy without breaking your budget. Many customers don’t realize they are not using their programmable thermostats correctly or to their full potential. So how should you program your thermostat for maximum comfort and savings?

Remind yourself that it’s usually best to just “set it and forget it.” Program the thermostat for your general schedule and avoid repeated manual adjustments. Choose the average outdoor temperature that’s most comfortable and set your thermostat accordingly. Consider selecting lower temperatures for evenings when you can cover up with blankets and weekdays while everyone is at work or school.

Even though your natural inclination may be to manually change the settings on your thermostat when you’re feeling too hot or too cold, we strongly advise that you DON’T.  Keep in mind:

  • Changing the setting and pressing “hold,” will “un-program” your thermostat.
  • Dramatically raising or lowering the temperature setting will not make you more comfortable any faster and it wastes energy. A thermostat is designed to maintain a temperature, not control the rate at which it is reached.
  • The colder or hotter it is outside, the longer it will take for your system to reach the desired comfort level. Consider adding layers of clothing, finding a blanket, turning on a fan or opening some windows.
  • Your home comfort system will struggle to reach 10 or more degrees above or below the outdoor temperature. Setting your thermostat to do so will only cause excessive wear on your system and possibly costly repairs.
  • If you are still concerned that your thermostat or systems are not working properly, first check your thermostat’s dashboard and batteries and then the breaker. If these measures don’t work, please call Nashoba Air & BoilerWorks for guidance and a possible diagnostic.


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